Annual Report 2013

The Panel has published its Annual Report for 2013. It provides an overview of the Panel's activities and explains its key decisions. The full text of the report can be found here.



Albanian version / Serbian version


19th Session of the Panel

The Human Rights Review Panel held its first session in 2014, from 3 to 5 February. The Panel found in one case that EULEX violated the complainant's human rights. Three other cases were declared inadmissible; one was struck out of the list of complaints. The Panel gave a follow-up decision in the so-called "Vidovdan cases" and declared that the Head of Mission followed its recommendations. read more...

HRRP advertisement on TV and YouTube

A short advertisement on the Human Rights Review Panel is being broadcaseted on a number of Kosovo TV channels. The spot explains the role of the Panel and provides information on the complaint procedure. The advertisement is also available on YouTube, in English, Albanian and Serbian languages.


Albanian version / Serbian version

Recent Decisions About HRRP

2012-09 A, 2012-10 B, 2012-11 C, 2012-12 D (follow-up)

2012-14 Valbone Zahiti (no violation of Article 8 of ECHR, violation of Article 13 ECHR)

2012-23 Predrag Blagić (strike-out)

2013-04 J (inadmissible)

2013-15 Gani Zeka (inadmissible)

2013-17 Ramadan Rahmani (inadmissible)


The European Union established the Human Rights Review Panel (the Panel) on 29 October, 2009 with a mandate to review alleged human rights violations by EULEX Kosovo in the conduct of its executive mandate.

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